Professor Bernard Lightman

Co-Principal Investigator

Professor of Humanities, York University

Keywords: Victorian science; public; science and religion; print culture

Bernard Lightman is Professor of Humanities at York University. Lightman’s most recent publications include Victorian Popularizers of Science, Victorian Scientific Naturalism (co-edited with Gowan Dawson), Evolution and Victorian Culture (co-edited with Bennett Zon), and The Age of Scientific Naturalism (co-edited with Michael Reidy). He is currently working on a biography of John Tyndall and is one of the editors of the John Tyndall Correspondence Project, an international collaborative effort to obtain, digitalize, transcribe, and publish all surviving letters to and from Tyndall.  As part of the research project he is exploring public perceptions of science and religion in the nineteenth century, especially the origins of the conflict thesis.  For more about his research please see his institutional profile.