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Toumey, Chris


Chris Toumey is a cultural anthropologist (Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) who works in the anthropology of science.

His earliest work examined the creationist movement the 1980s, with special attention to creationists’ understandings of science when their program was called scientific creationism. After publishing two books in the anthropology of science, he turned his attention to societal and cultural issues in nanotechnology. Among his contributions are four humanistic commentaries each year in the journal Nature Nanotechnology , plus his recent book Nanotech and the Humanities: An Anthropologist Observes the Science of Atoms and Molecules . His work on nanotech includes a series of papers on religious reactions to that science. More recently he has begun to explore societal and cultural issues in genomic technologies, with the hope that he can build upon his interests in nanotech to make similar contributions to the study of genomic technologies.